Harrington, Delaware
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Roof Repairs

We understand the potential for significant damage caused when water penetrates through a leaking roof. Because of the impact this can have on a business, classroom or residence, our repair team is on site within days of a request to repair a roof leak. Our team is skilled in locating and repairing major roof types and enjoy a challenge when confronted with a hard to find leak. Fees for this service are generally based on time and materials or contact us for a quote for major repair work.

Roof Analysis

A written Roof Analysis Report can be a valuable document when developing a comprehensive plan to repair and/or replace a commercial or residential roof.  The roof analysis is a certified report that can include; core samples, the material components of the existing roof, structural survey, roofing forensic, infrared testing, asbestos inspection, moisture survey and budget costing.  Our expert staff assist customers in making the most cost effective method to address their roofing needs.